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Screenplay Revision

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Lesson Overview
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Screencast Title: Pain Assessment
(on-site, online, or hybrid) This lesson is intended for the practice environment. Nurses in practice will be the target audience, and they will watch it before engaging in an on-site activity.
Screencast Goal: The objective of this screencast is to help students understand how they can assess the level of pain in a patient (Schechter, Berde & Yaster, 2003). They will be able to know the strategies that they can apply when providing care to patients who are experiencing pain (Wee, 2017). Since patients experience pain differently, this screencast will help the nurses understand the varying intensities.
Description of Screencast lesson: This screencast is to be directed towards graduate nurse students taking the nursing course. The core nursing concepts are to be reviewed. The best ways of handling patients who are in pain will be identified and potential remedies to the pain discussed (Wright, 2014). Students will be given an opportunity to participate in various checkpoints to determine the effectiveness of the learning; They will then be given an assignment at the end of the screencast.
Learning Objectives Identify the indications of pain
Give ways of handling patients who have pain
Identify at Least One in Each Area
Pre-Licensure QSEN Competencies Integrated Processes Clinical Relationships
1. Patient-centered care FORMCHECKBOX
2. Teamwork and collaboration FORMCHECKBOX 3. …

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