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science in the media

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Science and Media
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Science and Media
Q1. Whenever I hear the word “Scientist” I relate them as a power of innovation. I view Scientists with great awe and respect. It is because them we are finding solutions to various problems, which exists in this world and this society. Whether it is a field of clinical sciences or technological sciences, scientists have created a revolution, all across the world. Without the innovative power of scientists we could not have even imagined, the “apps” or an “i-phone”. The eradication of small pox and inventions of newer interventions to cure a diseased individual has come from the relentless will power and knowledge of scientists (Bunge, 1998). Without the efforts of renowned scientists, we would not have stepped and adapted to this modern era. Therefore, scientists are similar to “Gods”, the only difference is that we can visualize them and share our concerns.
The image of the scientist, which immediately comes to my mind, from the media, was Dr. Grant, in the movie the Jurassic Park. He was shown in the movie as a famous paleontologist. The profile of his work and his philosophy attracted me very much. The movie showed his character regarding quest for knowledge and harnessing knowledge into the benefit of mankind.
The three characteristics which al scientists have in common include the quest for knowledge and revealing of the truth. They are highly innovative and want t…

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