School Mergers Funding Woes

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School Mergers Funding Woes

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School Mergers – Funding Woes
School merging entails coming together of two school districts to form one large school district in a process known as consolidation to solve school funding problems. School merging is a good idea due to some reasons. One of the reasons is the saving of cost (Brian 36). When two district schools are merged the resources are pulled together, and the economies of scales will be achieved. Such will only take place when the cost of educating a single pupil decreases and the number of pupils increases. In general, the tax payer's money will be saved rather than each school depending on its self. Another reason as to why I think school merging is a good idea is due to the expanded extracurricular activities. When the budget of a school is tight, then the extracurricular activities are the first to be scrap off (Brian 44). When the resources of two different schools are brought together the extracurricular activities will be maintained, and the students will be motivated and perform well in class.
On the other hand, school merging leads to the loss of the identity of the community. When schools come together the nick-names of individuals disappear. The sports teams which were rivals merge and became friends, and there is no stiff competition. The advantages of merging schools outweigh the disadvantages just as discussed in the essay (Brian 55). Therefore, merging school will play a vital role …

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