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The Short Term and Long Term Personal and Education/ Career Goals
The goals I hope to meet shortly are to cater for my university school fees through scholarships as well as obtaining financial support. I look forward to getting much help from the outside organization to provide for my university education for it is well known that university education is very costly (Lindstrom at el 426). My goal in a year from now is to be in University and majoring in medicine. Most of my family members are pharmacists more so those in New York and jersey. When I visited them, they would tell me pharmacist is a well-paying job and stress-free which prompted me to take it as my dream career.

To complete my bachelor degree, it will take 4-8 years for me to become a pharmacist. Secondly, I will have to pass the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE). Within the next ten years, I also plan to take time and travel to other countries that I have always wanted to visit. Which are; China, Korea, Japan amongst other nations so that I can talk about their medicine courses and learn how it is different and similar to that of America (Lindstrom at el 430). To fulfill the dreams, it will take an immense amount of hard work, proper time management, taking time to study, commitment and dedication.

As part of my future goals, I look forward to helping my parents so that they can live a less stressful life as well as assisting the needy in our society. Additionally, staying fit in another goal w…

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