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Scholarship 2

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As the first person from my generation to attend college, I have several plans concerning my profession that will benefit my immediate community, myself, and society as a whole. Growing up in a family with inadequate education was challenging. My parents didn’t have a chance to acquire the college education, and as a result, they didn’t have good-paying jobs. All they got was employment in a restaurant that could pay them low wages, meaning life was not easy for us. I know what it means to live in a family where parents have to put some struggle to gather for the daily needs of their families. Because of that, I am putting a lot of effort into my education so that I support those who are in need. After I complete my college education, I plan to help not only my immediate community but also the broader one because as a pharmacist, I have numerous roles to play. I will counsel and educate patients about the proper use of medications and also help them to use multiple drugs safely and efficiently (Hudson, McAnaw & Johnson 7).

As a pharmacist, I will not only facilitate the roles of medical professionals to help patients, but I will also help patients manage side effects resulting from drug interactions (Hudson, McAnaw & Johnson 3). I will travel back to China to spread awareness and knowledge regarding the effects of excessive smoking and drinking. I will also enlighten the Chinese community about safe sex and the use of emergency contraception. With the h…

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