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Scenario Analysis

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6-2 Scenario Analysis: Vacation Time
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6-2 Scenario Analysis: Vacation Time
The factors that the vice-president should consider in determining the presence of employee burnout
Employee burnout can occur in all organizations of various sizes. Sometimes in a large company, it can be difficult to recognize the signs unless it reaches a point where it affects the productivity of the company. The vice-president can look out for exhaustion complaints and take it seriously. An accumulation of stress in the workplace can make a person have a rough time at the end of the day. As explained by Cole, Walter, Bedeian and O’Boyle (2012), it could also show when an employee keeps taking sick days which would mean they could have a burnout. In most cases, when a person’s energy is reduced, they are likely to get colds. The vice-president should also pay attention to repetitive mistakes in the workplace. If employees are always making mistakes, it means they are not keen on their work, and there could be reasons for that. A sudden change of attitude in some employees is also another factor. Cole et al. (2012) clarify that this could mean the employee is losing motivation for the job or because of depression.
Whether or not the employees take more than 1.4 weeks of vacation
Yes. It can be explained that, because the t-value is positive (2.93) and the p-value (0.0084) is less than 0.05 and 0.01, it would be proper to reject the null hypothesis.

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