Say no to legal access to abortion

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Say no to legal access to abortion

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Ionesco’s Rhinoceros and the Legal Access to Abortion
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The Rhinoceros in the play is the most significant force in the play, both figurative and speaking. The idea of such animal trampling a town, and altering the lives of a whole community is utterly absurd. However, used as a literary device, it hits the nail on its head and conveys the true nature of human beings. That is why Ionesco’s plays hold such a prominent place in the modern European Theater, as they are capable of using the most bizarre devices to show humans and their struggles. The play depicts the savagery and fear that lie latent in the human mind, and how they are capable of show themselves as soon as a situation changes the way they conceive life.
That way, by criticizing the narrowness of people’s minds, the author shows how despite all the pretensions the characters might have, human reasoning is meaningless. If the play serves us as a door to Ionesco’s thought; it seems that to him human thinking is incapable of bringing order to the chaos of our mind. Using the irrationality contained in the play, we shall show how the legal access to abortion can be argued against. In the same way, we shall draw parallels between the issue of becoming a rhinoceros and the argument we argue against.
The rhinoceros mean change; that is undeniable. However, the key point in the play is how that change is portrayed. Although change is often see…

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