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Satirical Writing

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A satirical piece involves the use of humour, irony, grotesque and parody among other satirical devices. Satire can be found in various places, poems, shows, novels, and literary works. An author may use satire to ridicule a country, an individual or organization by using irony or sarcasm. Satire can also be used in a piece of work to bring attention to vices and problems in a society that needs improvement. Irony refers to using words to show the opposite of what was meant. Sarcasm, on the other hand, refers to a bitter joke. In some cases, the joke might be funny and humorous, while at other times, the joke can be serious and painful. The piece below is about how I spend my day yesterday with my friend James. The story begins by explaining how my friend and I decided to visit the beach, where we had an unforgettable experience. The piece has employed the use of satiric devices such as humour, irony and mock encomium.

How I Spent My Day Yesterday
My best friend, James, is my favorite person on the planet. Yesterday, I was feeling bored and decided to visit him. Whenever I visit him, I always bring along my dog Jess to keep watch over my back. Yesterday was different since Jess was away running some errands, I suppose he was at his friend’s house too (1). I arrived at my friend’s house, and he welcomed me to the house. We played some video games and watched an episode of Fifty shades of chicken (8). I g…

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