Satanic verses

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Satanic verses

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War could have only been stopped when two fighting groups listen to one another. Satanic Verses uses word of the death sentence in referring to many of the mourners to the deceased families. The politicians are also vital in stopping all the messes in the nation. The clerical and the political opponents had lost the life on Khomeini’s command (Rushdie n.p.). Thus, the political arena had a role to stop all vices in the nation.
Saudis were right while Shiite Iran was wrong. The Saudis were right because they spent more in great deals with great deals of money exporting the fundamentalist while Iran calumniated more in wars. At some point, both saw the new constituency and small group of the British tried to ban the demonstration taking place in most parts of the nation.
The author defends the right of freedom of expression although he argues that it might be endangered to them. In addition, he stands firm and supports the discussion of free ideas even those that might bring chaos to people. Random House explains the form of a statement which bates more responsibility against others and those which deliberately denies people the freedom of expression (Rushdie n.p.). In the Satan Verses, only a brave and reckless author can stand firm and express his or her mind. Therefore, the author shows he was given his artistic freedom to express his ideas. In addition, Satanic Verses is seen as a rich and one of the complex…

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