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Sanderberg Lean In

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Women Participation in the Workplaces

Women Participation in the Workplaces
There exist ways in which the challenges which women normally face within the workplace differ from those that men face. Both men and women play various roles within their families although women spend a lot of time in the family life as they have numerous roles to play within their families. Balancing the family and work life seems to be more pushing especially when the child is still young just immediately after delivery and the child requires sucking frequently. As Sandberg (2013) outlines, carrying the child on the subway each day when going to the daycare blocks the office’s work halfway together with running to feed the child while hungry. Women normally find it incredibly hard in managing both the motherhood and career even prior the act of giving birth.
Most women if not all consume a lot of time adjusting to the new changes that occur within their bodies during pregnancy. The changes include slowing speed due to increased weight, changing shoes due to the act of swelling frequently and spending more time in bathrooms to vomit and regularly urinate which are major symptoms of pregnancy (Sandberg, 2013). The women face of the challenge of considering oneself the feminists who derive benefits from activists’ struggles who fought for the rights of women. This act makes them consider themselves inferior to men and thus having the mentality they can only go to the li…

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