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San Diego Climate

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The Climate of Downtown San Diego, California
The climate of San Diego, California is categorized as Mediterranean and characterized by short, clear, arid, and warm summers and long, partly cloudy and cool winters. Throughout the year, typical temperatures of the region vary from 550Fahrenheit to 770 Fahrenheit and scarcely go beyond 840F or below 440F (Weather Spark). San Diego has more arid climate than typical Mediterranean climates such that winters tend to be dry compared to other areas with similar climate. The city has 2.8 months of warm season from July to October and 4.2 months of cool climate from November to February (Weather Spark). Other variations include cloud patterns which differ throughout the year with the clearer times lasting for 5.9 months from May to November and cloudy period lasts for 6.1 months from November to May (Weather Spark)
The city’s topography involves many hills, the Bay, canyons, and mountains which cause varied climates over a short geographical distance which explains the microclimate frequents in the region. San Diego borders the ocean and, therefore, ocean currents cool or warm the region based on the type of current flowing through it. And despite the city’s longitude of 117.1570 and latitude of 32.7150 (Weather Spark), the region tend to be warmer during the cooler period than it would the case if it were landlocked. Furthermore, the city experiences mild summers compared to other landlock…

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