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Sampsonia Way interview

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Sampsonia Way Interview with Anita Desai
Ms. Anita Desai was born on 24th June 1937 in Mussoorie. Her mother had a German origin and her father was a businessman from Bengali. Desai has been shortlisted thrice for Booker prize and has published several novels, short stories, and children’s books. During her childhood, Desai desired to see her works on the bookshelf. She knew her capability and what she wanted in life. Ms. Anita Desai started scribbling at a very young age drawing the admiration from most of her family members. Most of her pocket money was spent on books an act that was crucial in shaping her career as a renowned author.
During the interview “You Turn Yourself into an Outsider”, Ms. Desai explained how living in the United States transformed her into a passive observer rather than a participant. Upon her return to India, she felt like an outsider due to the many transformations that had taken place in her absence. “They know I didn’t participate; I can’t have the same feelings as them about certain events” (Barnes).While writing about her homeland, Ms. Desai is passionate about people who live in “exile” since she has been in such a place in her life. Furthermore, Ms. Desai still feels that India is her home and has a hard time writing about any other country because of the confidence and understanding she has with India.
Taking everything into account, I have learned that authors who start writ…

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