Sampling distribution

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Sampling distribution

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Sampling Distribution
Chapter 9
Question 9.7
This is probability distribution of means that is obtained from a specific selected random samples of size, n from a particular population
Question 9.8
• Population mean is equal to sample mean
• The shape of the curve is normal
• The standard deviation divided by the sample size n is equal to the standard errors of the population.
Question 9.9
a) True
b) True
c) False
d) True
e) True
f) False
Question 9.13
a) Standard error= SD/(√Sample Size
=standard deviation is 6
b) 2= sd/√36
Standard deviation= 12
c) 5=SD/√36 =6*5
Standard deviation =30
d) 100=SD/√36 = 6*100
Standard deviation=600
Question 9.14
a) In this case, we can make an assumption and conclude that the 144 children is our random sample and is adequate to give a normal curve.
b) This is an indication that majority of the reported hours for the sampling distribution will be below 8 hours or be above the mean of the random sample.
c) Based on the sample mean of 21 and standard deviation of 8 the sample data will be below 13 hours and higher to 29 hours.
d) 10 hours
e) 5 and 37 hours
Chapter 10
Question 10.9
Null hypothesis:
Ha: u=21.75
There is no significant difference between the BMI and the body size.
For alternative hypothesis, it states that there is a significant difference between BMI and the body size.
If …

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