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Sample Budget

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Sample Budget
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Sample Budget
Grants and Income
The main source of income for the project will be a grant from the federal government. The grant will be provided by the agency in charge of health-related issues. Another source will be donations from other donor organizations through crowdsourcing of funds. The organizations will include international non-governmental organizations that deal with health.
Government Grant = $ 200000
Donor Organizations = $ 150000
Position Title & Name Yearly Salary % of Time No. of Months
Project Coordinator Alex Keane $ 50000 100 12
Health Specialist Jane Peters $ 70000 70 12
Project Accountant David Simpson $ 50000 100 12
The project coordinator will be responsible for the implementation of the project objectives as well as overseeing the project as a whole. In addition to that, he will be responsible for coordinating project activities and correspondence with other agencies involved in the project.
The health specialist will act as a consultant and will provide key insight into health-related matters concerning the project. She will also provide a link between the project and the health agency aiding the project on health-related activities.
The project accountant will be responsible for the management of finances relating to the project. All income from grants and payments made to various suppliers and expenses will be done under the authorization of the project accountant….

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