Same Sex Marriage #3

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Same Sex Marriage #3

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Same-sex Marriage
Same-sex marriage is among the topics in the contemporary society that are highly debated, and it has attracted numerous reactions from those supporting it as well as those against it. In the societal setting, those opposing same-sex marriage maintain that it is immoral and marriage should take place between people of different sexes. On the other hand, advocates of same-sex marriage argue that if two adults are in a relationship and love each other, they should be allowed to marry each other irrespective of their sexes. However, same-sex marriage should not be legalized because the human population will decline; it violates the old religious and traditional beliefs; it will weaken heterosexual marriage; and because children raised by same-sex couples do not receive the required parental care.
If same-sex marriage is ratified by the government, the human population with significantly reduce. It is evident that couples in a same-sex marriage are not able to reproduce naturally, and as a result, their only options include use of artificial insemination or adopt children. Although some couples of the same-sex marriage can procreate through artificial insemination, hence playing a role in ensuring human population does not decline; the process is too expensive for many couples. Consequently, the only option many of the same-sex couples have is to adopt children, which does not contribute to an increase in the human population (Wardle 74).
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