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The warrior class of the samurai of Japan has always intrigued the Western world because of their fascinating contrast between their precise efficiency and strict military training, and their refined talents in various arts and deep spiritual customs. This paper’s primary focus is to answer the questions: What is Kendo (the way of the sword)? Moreover, who were the samurai warriors? This paper aims to respond to this samurai question by diving into the history of the samurai warriors in Japanese culture and their use of the katana as their primary sword when facing opponents. When regarding the question about kendo,this paper will seek to define and explain the culture of the sword and its evolution into the modern sport practiced by many all around the globe.
The Samurais were one of the most feared forces of the Japanese military who emerged in the seventh century and continued till the late 1800s when they were abolished. In the early phases of the origin of the samurai, they were used as a mercenary force but quickly became the major army who served the Japanese Empire. They were soon after regarded as the ruling class of Japan due to their effectiveness and efficiency on the field of battle. The military-inspired moral codes and core values of the samurai warriors were religiously maintained resulting in their rapid transition from mere military functions to other prestigious functions in the high courts of early Japanese…

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