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Saint Martin

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Saint Martin’s Canterbury
Saint Martin’s Canterbury
This church has been a worshiping place during the occupation of the Romans in England and it is the oldest parish in the history of England. This was set up by Saint Augustine, who arrived in Kent from Rome to spread Christianity to the people. Initially, it was considered as a private chapel of Queen Bertha in the 6th century, before the arrival of Saint Augustine. The Queen of Kent was previously a French princess who was a devoted Christian. On the other hand, Saint Martin’s church has been extended and altered in many different ways during the sixth, seventh and the fourteenth centuries. Despite all these alterations, the southern walls still maintain the ancient Roman fabric. On the other hand, the Abbey was destroyed the Reformation period, and it is still partially damaged. The design and precinct of the cathedral make up a diverse but coherent assembly of the medieval architecture. The interior part of the church contains some magnificent medieval designs, furnishings and the stained glass. Stained glass has been one of the distinguishing factors, which the church has, and it has a profound impact on the preservation of the medieval culture.
The East section of the Church contains a unique artistic creation that is enhanced by a set of stained glass windows that consist of the richest collection of colours in the United Kingdom. Although the new Gothic style upheld itself in the c…

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