Safety and quality improvement

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Safety and quality improvement

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Safety and Quality Improvement
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Safety and Quality Improvement
Health facilities all around the world struggle each day to get the sick back on their feet. Often at times the process of caring for the ill results in more disastrous situations than when the patient visited the health facility; mostly due to medication errors (Errors, 2016). Unsafe healthcare, if at all medication errors can be called so, has proved challenging globally resulting in studies getting conducted to understand the causes, consequences, and solutions. Medication errors may happen in a hospital setting or at home (Almoajel, 2017). When medication errors occur in the hospital, some of the contributing reasons are; caregiver recklessness, mixing medications for different patients, changing of caregivers among many other reasons (Errors, 2016).
Some caregivers are careless, and they may not take their time to peruse the records of a patient before administering medication. For example, some malaria patients are allergic to penicillin whereas it is the practice of medical practitioners to offers penicillin and quinine as a dose for malaria. In the event an allergic patient gets administered with a combination of penicillin and quinine, the result may be death. In the cause of dispensing medication on patients, a caregiver may mix up different patient’s medication thus resulting in the administration of the right meds on the wrong patients (Errors, 2016). Nurses…

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