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Sacred places article review

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Threatened and Damaged: Protecting Sacred Places
The Native Americans living in the United States are increasingly finding it difficult to safeguard their traditional sacred places (Harjo 13). The federal government controls the ownership of the holy places, denying the Native populace the power and control of their land.
Due to the “Civil Regulations”, that was enacted into law in 1882 to 1935, the Native peoples lacked access to their holy sites. The rules ban the Native Americans from carrying out their rituals in these sites.
Because of this ban, the indigenous Americans could not gain entrance to their sacred sites. The ones who dared to enter the holy areas suffered retribution such as jail sentencing, forced hunger and penalizations.
These revered areas were affirmed as public land while some were sold to private organizations or American states. After repossession of these holy sites by the federal government, they put up “No Trespassing” symbols to inform the natives that the areas no longer belong to them. Indigenous students sought protection at The Wakarusa Wetlands as they run away from modernization in school. Family members of the learners risked retribution by performing federal government banned rituals at the wetlands.
Various sanctified regions risk extinction as they pave the way for infrastructural developments in the United States of America. The locals and business merchants now want to benefit fro…

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