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Run of the Mill:Garner

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RE: Run of the Mill: Garner
State vs. Terence Garner
Terence Garner was sentenced to the crime he did not commit and for forty-three years in prison.
Case facts
Quality Finance Control robbing suspects were two black men, one tall Kendrick Henderson, and a short Terrence Deloach. The witnesses were the manager, Charles Woodward, a customer, Bertha Miller, and the secretary, Alice Wise. Alice Wise was shot twice during the robbery, on the chest, and in the eye. The mastermind was Keith Derrick, who acted as the getaway driver.
Legal process
Henderson and Keith Riddick were arrested and both positively identified Terence Garner as the wrong suspect but their legal counsel advised against revealing the information to the prosecution. As a result, both were offered a plea-bargain, thereby reducing their sentencing. Two eyewitnesses, Charles Woodward, and Alice Wise, however, positively identified Terence as the third witness. The case judge according to the case had a personal vendetta against young criminals, making it a duty to lock them up. Terence Garner was found guilty and sentenced to forty-three years in jail even after many questions arising about his role in the crime and the credibility of Alice Wise eyewitness identification.
Motions to appeal the case were denied but were granted after public outcry concerning the case. The real shooter, Terence Deloach had been arrested and pleaded guilty to shooting Alice Wise but later changed his conf…

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