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In some cases, investigators might be forced to bypass security protocols in routers to collect information that might be used as evidence in online crimes; this type of hacking falls under ethical hacking. Routers are suitable entry points for investigators as most of them offer no giveaways when compromised (Greenberg, 2017). When it comes to hacking any technological devices, one of the most commonly used methods is taking advantage of outdated software the device runs on. There exist a wide range of tools that can be used to crack the passwords of routers, these are referred to as router hacking toolkits. After getting the correct passwords and gaining access, investigators then deploy malware that can be used to remotely collect a wide range of information from the devices connected to the router and monitor the traffic flow across the target network.
One of the pros of a router is that it makes it possible to connect multiple users to the internet with ease (Andrew, 2013). The second advantage is scalability of router connections; this is most applicable in networks. Wi-Fi technology used in routers ensures there are no additional costs in purchasing cables for expansions. It is also important to note that routers are highly secure devices only if their software is continuously updated, patches are used to get rid of any vulnerabilities discovered. Routers also have disadvantages, one of them is that they only work with routable…

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