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Is the world round or flat?
Since I was a child, I have always contemplated on the issue of the world being round. In the beginning, I did not believe this because from a ground levels perspective; the world looks fairly flat. However, my years of living close to an ocean proved me wrong. It is the numerous years that I spent next to the sea that made me realize that the world is indeed round. The main reason for this is the fact that one evening as I sat down watching fishers go deep into the seas, I observed their movements. I watched them sail into the deep waters with a telescope and with time I realized that they had disappeared hence my conclusion that the world is indeed round.
However, as much as I know and believe that this is true one might argue that the world is flat. One can argue that no matter how high one is on an airplane the ground surface always seems to be flat. This argument comes from a more significant basis, however, I think it is wrong because based on the images from the satellites and astronauts, is evidence enough that the earth is round.

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