Rough Outline for Culture Is Learned

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Rough Outline for Culture Is Learned

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Culture Learning
Introduction paragraph
Broad statement, one or two sentences that will provide the definition of culture and the study in general. Discuss socio culturalism
Introduction to specific topic niche, providing necessary background information. Various cultural aspects
Thesis Statement. Traditionally, it was believed children lack the ability to comprehend complex issues. But recent studies show children learn gradually through listening, watching, and touching.
First Body paragraph (Literature review).
It will essentially provide literature related to the topic of culture learning. It will provide a theoretical base for the study and provide a clear path for undertaking the research. Sociocultural Theories and previous studies on cultural learning.
Second Body Paragraph (Study methods and results)
Expound on the rationale for using qualitative method of observation to collect data to be used. Analyze and discuss the analysis and findings.
Third Body Paragraph (1st Supporting argument)
Topic sentence. There is evidence of an early tendency to learn discriminately (Heine, 162).
Discuss and give specific details for the reasoning
Provide supporting evidence in support of the claim
Analyze, tying up the point with support reason and argument
Fourth Body Paragraph (2nd supporting argument)
Topic sentence. Deliberate and metacognitive competence in children (Heine, 161).
Discuss and give specific details for the …

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