RosencrantzandGuildenstern revised

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RosencrantzandGuildenstern revised

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The theory of Poststructuralism is one of the critical dominants in the excerpt of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead in the play of Hamlet by William Shakespeare’s. In the play, some of the most common theory of structuralism is foreseen in its characteristic of binary oppositions. The theory of Post Structuralism proposes that there are some words which are frequently used with opposing pairs. The theory of poststructuralism acknowledges the use of words with opposite pairs to add flavor to literature. In that case, the play and the story of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern contain some key instances that show the binary oppositions as one of the critical characteristics of the post-structuralism theory (Stoppard 2013).
In the story, the art of love and hate is a dominant figure that showcases the binary opposition in the play. Hamlet is hated by his cousin who happens to be the king of Denmark. The king plans to have his cousin whom he loves to be assassinated on setting foot in England. The move shows that at the expense of love for his cousin, Hamlet faces rejection and betrayal. The pot to have his Hamlet killed by his cousin, the king of Denmark explains how Hamlet meets rejection and hate from his cousin. All these have been catapulted by love for power and leadership wrangles within the kingdom(Stoppard 2013).
War and peace were also the day-to-day activities in the pos…

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