Roman influences in medieval art (exhibition).

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Roman influences in medieval art (exhibition).

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Roman Influences in Medieval Art (Exhibition)
The medieval, also referred to as the Middle Age period, occurred from the end of the 5th century to around 14th century. Most of art during the medieval were for chapels and portrayed Christian narratives. Alternatively, the Renaissance period started in Italy and took place in the 15th and 16th centuries. The word resonance means rebirth or the revival of ancient Greek and Roman, literature, and learning. Several architectural changes occurred in art leading to the transformation from the medieval era to the Renaissance era. Hence the developing roles of the artists from craftsmanship to independent artists that were more visible in the incorporation of secular issues into artistic works, and particularly the mythological subjects and also the development of personal painting techniques and styles. The Middle Ages starts from the late fifth century to the period of the Renaissance and also the fifteenth century. Additionally, the pictures of the period had little to trap an attention if only perceived only from an artistic point of view, and making a comparison of it with the art in Greek which had come before, or with that of Italy which followed, the Middle Age had no factor of beauty.
The medieval art in the West covers a wider scope of place time, over 900 years of art in Rome, and many times, the North. It includes major art revolution period, r…

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