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role-playing games

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Role Playing Games (RPG)
A game is a rule-based formal system that has a variable and a result that can be quantified. The outcomes can be assigned different values, and the players usually put effort to influence the results. In the RPG however since their rules are not fixed beyond discussion since their result are not quantifiable. RPG stands for role playing game. This is a game whereby every partaker is required to adopt the role of a character, which is generally in a fantasy or illusory situation that can network within a game’s unreal world. There are various RPG games that are action based they may include Chinese RPG, Japanese RPG, SRPG’S, Korean RPG and others. Japanese RPG games include Zelda, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Pokémon series, Mario RPG and others (Cragoe). The Japanese RPG mostly focus on the graphics and gameplay mechanics.
History of RPG
The history of RPG is debatable though they can be dated as early as the 1970’s. Wargaming has been a hobby for most people and thus the adoption of these games has been quite rampant. The RPG started with Hobbit in 1937, who was referred to as the Lord of Rings, he greatly expanded interest in fantasy and fiction. In 1974, the Dungeons and Dragons were released by Gary Gygax and Dave Anderson (Soares et al.). They combined interests in literary fantasy and the table top wargaming. This was aimed at creating a character who li…

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