Role of Women in Buddhism

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Role of Women in Buddhism

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1st May 2015
Role of Women in Buddhism
These days several religionists are claiming that women are given equal rights in their religions. However, to know the fact we just need to look all around us and observe the position of women in various fields and societies. As per Buddhism, considering women as low and inferior is not reasonable at all. According to Samsara, during earlier lives of Buddha he himself took birth as a woman on various occasions. Full freedom was provided by the Buddha to women for practicing a religious life, which with time expanded to various other fields. Hence, the role of women in Buddhism is a significant aspect that cannot be overlooked.
The objective of this research paper is to study the role of women in Buddhism.
Women hold an exceptional position in Buddhism. Women were given full freedom for participating in a religious life by the Lord Buddha. In fact, it was Lord Buddha and Buddhism that gave this religious independence to women. Prior to the Buddha, role and duties of women were limited to the household and kitchen; women were forbidden from entering any temple, even they were not allowed to deliver any sacred and Holy Scripture. At the time of Buddha, the position of women was very low and inferior in the society. When Lord Buddha provided women with freedom and self-independence, then existing establishment criticized him a lot. His step for allowin…

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