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role of nurse practitioner

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Role development for the Nurse Practitioner

According to Stewart and DeNisco, (2018), the role of the nurse practitioner was mainly developed for the provision of care for those that were underserved. This is a role that is said to have emerged in the 1960s. Even though the roles of the nurse practitioner have been on transition, the basic functions have been maintained. Those that were at the New York streets used to provide care for the immigrants by treating the most common illnesses as well as the emergencies that could not be referred to the main hospitals. This paper looks at the role that the Nurse practitioner plays in the world today in comparison to those roles that were played in the early 90s. Also, the transition between the practitioners and advanced nurses is analyzed according to the book. In addition to this, there is the summary of the main details presented in the book by Stewart on the change that has been realized through the time.
Keywords: Nurse Practitioner, healthcare programs, the NPs, professional nurse, student nurse.

Stewart and DeNisco, (2018) state that; the role of the nurse practitioner is to advance the medical profession of the new and graduate nurses. However, they were also supposed to give the medical attention to those in the rural areas and those in the underserved areas. The program was mainly implemented in Colorado at the beginning. The first recognizable program was known as t…

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