Role Conflict management

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Role Conflict management

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Role of Conflict Management
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Role of Conflict Management
According to the article, the aspect of conflict refers to the situation where an individual’s perceptions, actions, or view are on the contrary to those of other members in a group (DeChurch & Marks, 2001). Conflicts are frequent in a group set up as people have different personalities and behaviors and thus organizations ought to develop strategies that manage conflict in case they arise. Besides, groups are significant in enhancing the organizational performance. When people work together, there is joined effort and ideas that create synergy towards the realization of the organizational goals and objectives. For this reason, conflicts are inevitable in the workplace.
In the dominating perspective of the article, DeChurch & Marks, (2001) proposes that intragroup conflict such as the task-related conflicts has a positive impact on the performance and satisfaction of employees. The findings show that conflict management has a significant role in enhancing the outcome of the employee performance in organizations. In this case, when the management sets clear conflict management strategies, the employees tend to resolve any conflicts that may surface in the workplace quickly. As a result, there is job satisfaction as the conflict resolution allows workers to embrace the diversity that exists regarding public opinions. The management can integrate the active and …

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