Rohingya and Rwanda Revised

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Rohingya and Rwanda Revised

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The Rwanda and Rohingya Crises
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According to Euronews (2017), thousands of Rohingyas continue to flock into Bangladesh in order to escape the ‘Ethnic cleansing’ activities happening in Myanmar.
A report released by the 36th assembly of United Nation’s Human Rights Council, unveiled that the Myanmar government has been allowing and, to some extent, perpetrating the breach of International Human Rights Law and Humanitarian laws respectively; leading to mass persecution of the minority Muslims of Rohingya, in the Rakhine state of Myanmar (Geneva International, 2016).
The situation in Myanmar can be equated to the 1994 Rwandan genocide in which millions of innocent people were persecuted following ethnic clashes between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes (BBC, 2011).
The two situations have been likened in their degree of abuse of laws regarding human rights such as the International Bill of Human Rights which contains the 1948 convention.
Despite manifestations in the modern times, Both the Rwanda Genocide and Rohingya crisis are deeply rooted in the historical pasts of their people.
According to BBC (2011), Rwandan tensions increased after colonization by Belgium; in which they classified people based on their ethnicity.
The Belgian’s are also reported to have favored the Tutsis over the Hutus despite them living in the same region, following similar traditions and speaking the same language.
According to BBC (2011), the Rwandan geno…

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