Robotic’s motion planing

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Robotic’s motion planing

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Solution to the Robot’s Navigation problem

In the field of robotics, there are a couple of question which ought to be answered in the process of developing efficient and effective robots. For example in a physical world, how is it possible for a robot to achieve motion deciding the turns and twists to make to achieve a particular task in the physical world? Initially, there were insufficient capabilities of motion planning in the industrial robotic programming system. However, this field has grown to space exploration to intervention in hazardous environments by robots. These put into consideration makes the navigation problem become among the necessary components of robotic autonomy in such real-world contexts. Also, it is also a fundamental issue in simulation software of robots as it aids the designer of the cells to determine the path which is collision-free as the robots perform specific tasks. It is thus valuable research which has been carried out in this paper to learn algorithms which can give a solution to the navigation problem of robots with the help of a mobile robot simulator (MobotSim).

Algorithms to the Robot’s Navigation problem
The robots are intelligent, and their autonomy is the basis for which they intelligence is measured. There is a need for the robot to have the ability to plan its motion autonomously about the environment it is. Motion planning is also referred to a…

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