Risk and Protective Factors

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Risk and Protective Factors

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Risk and Protective Factors
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Risk and Protective Factors
Culture may be defined as the distinct features or way of life of a specific group of people. It might comprise their language, religious beliefs, diet, laws, attitudes, values, beliefs and a multitude of other features (Spencer-Oatey, 2012). As such, a person or a community’s behavior may be affected by their culture. Importantly, culture is learned from a person’s social environment, unlike personality which can be inherited. Culture is also prone to change over time because a community is made of people of people from different cultures.
In a present-day African Americans are descendants of the slaves brought into America and other Africans who have immigrated to America since then. Black American culture is famous for its rich culture that comprises poetry, dance and music genres such as rap (Brown, 2013). The culture has also been shaped by the history of African Americans which included a long period of slavery, institutionalized racism, segregation, and general discrimination.
Rap, and especially gangsta rap, has been faulted for its seeming glorification and encouragement of violence. The problem is made all the more serious by the popularity of rap music among black Americans. Rap artists such as the late Tupac Shakur was idolized by many people. Additionally, young adults and teenagers are easily impressionable and may copy the habits of such celebrities in efforts to bec…

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