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rights and responsibilities

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Rights and Responsibilities of US Citizens and the Responsibilities of the Government
United States of America Citizens and residents have many rights and responsibilities that they need to observe. On the same note, the government has some responsibilities that it needs to keep in its day to day running of activities. Therefore, this paper shall discuss the rights and responsibilities of American citizens and residents critically. The paper shall also discourse in detail the duties of the federal regime in America.
Rights and Responsibilities of USA Citizens
The citizens have a right to vote for public officials and the right to run for an elected office. The citizens vote during by-elections and general elections that do take place after four years while others run for various elected positions in the government (Robert). The citizens have a right to make application for federal employment that requires the citizenship of the US and the right to a timely and fair trial by the jury. The citizens enjoy the responsibility of expressing themselves and the freedom to worship as the wish. A good illustration of the autonomy of worship can be deducted from the number of churches and other worship places that are established in America. The citizens have the responsibility to support and shield the components of the Constitution, partake in the democratic process and shield the country if the need should arise. The citizens have t…

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