Ricochet River Discussion Questions

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Ricochet River Discussion Questions

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Ricochet River Discussion Questions
Chapter 1
Q. 1. Jessa is a face maker according to the statement that he outlined to Wade “peace” as he replied today our conversation. On the other hand, what day does not allude to the term fees according to the way, he escalated to the term after they say communicated about it.
Q. 2.
Jesse is an outsider. Jesse is a Klamath Indian from Celilo wild Wade is an American. The social dynamic between Jesse and word maximum to exchange blows which are mistakenly considered to be started by Jesse and he is later kicked out by the loggers. It is clear that the social dynamic between Jesse and Wade makes them misunderstand each other specifically when Jesse made a joking remark about Wade’s attractiveness.
Chapter 2 and 3.
And there is a relationship connecting between yes and Wade. The connection is portrayed when Jesse outlines about the person who died and the last of the dream us who foresaw the fall of Celilo. The story depicts significance in how Jesse and Wade came to an understanding after the first controversial meeting that the letter exchange blows (Cody 35).
The behavior of townspeople is characterized to be and serialized, and the author later portrays how Jesse and what day enhance the characters and become more developed. Teens they started as witty friends Jesse and Wade later became friends and became concerned about each other.
Chapter 4.

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