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Rhetorical summary

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Rhetorical summary

Stephanie Fairyington, in her article “The Gay option”, published in Utne Reader (2010) presents her experience of opening up about her sexuality to her mother and a critique on researcher’s idea of sexuality being a choice rather than biological. Fairyington argues that political advantage is drawn from labeling homosexuals as being natural rather than a trait. An example is given to suggest that this choice is one of the desires she chose to act on. Additionally, she challenges that the political strategy that has made significant gains to gay rights mostly misrepresents homosexuality as a biological character. Logos are used in her article here she provides historical data to support her evidence. Additionally, pathos has been used throughout the paper in the way the author argues out her stand and the general tone used. Anger and pity are the most outstanding tones like when she talks about how her mother feels about homosexuals.

“The Gay Option” is an article that is a discussion how being homosexually affected the author’s life. The text is a disagreement between previous research presenting homosexuality as a biological affiliation and not as a valid choice. She forms her arguments on personal experience stating that she had no option to choose whether she to be gay or not as people do with religion. She adds that her gay attractions have been in existence since she was young. She opposes the biological researches …

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