Rhetorical Analysis on Fun Home (see attached file)

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Rhetorical Analysis on Fun Home (see attached file)

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Rhetorical Analysis on Fun Home
“Fun Home, A Family Tragicomic” is a widely read and accepted graphic memoir that was written exclusively by Alison Bechdel. The memoir details credible information about Alison’s key struggles from childhood with various issues. The issues that formed the center of struggle during her life include her dwindling relationship with the father, her father’s homosexuality nature and her personal sexuality (Longaker and Jeffrey 12). It also details the death of her father and how his actions influenced her social and psychological stability negatively. Similarly, the memoir touches on various topical areas that are significant socially and culturally in regard to holistic human development. It touches on lack of praise and recognition of Alison’s positive efforts by her parents, the obsessive disorder and coping mechanism including struggles with periods that remain conventionally natural processes. The memoir also depicts Alison’s journey of development from childhood including how the challenges she encountered influenced her thoughts of the family at different periods.
In the memoir, her family is depicted contrastingly given that there are those who perceive it as a typical family on the surface while it is dysfunctional underneath. The aspect portrays the imagery and visual context adopted in the memoir and how it enumerates the way people perceive things. This is evident since…

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