Review of the first chapter for Human Condition

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Review of the first chapter for Human Condition

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Different books and authors have had different, but interesting perspectives of life, one of such pieces of literature is the book “The Human Condition” which the author clearly expresses her views on the way a lot of things are in these times. A great example of this is when she expresses the difference between labor and work. She portrays labor as that activity that we do each day to survive. She clearly outlines this by asserting that labor is only there to allow individuals to be able to sustain their lives. On the other hand, she defines work as a creation of man. She says this by claiming that labor is natural and according to nature while on the other hand work is artificial and goes against the forces of nature. She also comes in and describes the action as a means of taking some form of initiative. This in other terms means to set things in motion. The writer goes ahead and Action and its plurality. By this, she meant that in the modern age most of the actions we do are determined by other people.
The “human Condition” by Hannah Arendt

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