Review of Franklin D Roosevelt Speech

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Review of Franklin D Roosevelt Speech

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Review of Franklin D Roosevelt Speech
Franklin D Roosevelt is one amongst the most celebrated presidents in the US who played a key role in delivering his people from the “Great Depression” in the 1930s (Hastings). Through his leadership skills, he was able to successfully lead his people to a global conflict that was said to be the greatest in history. FDR is described as a fearless leader who kept his word and led Americans through a journey of ensuring peace. The speech he gave in the year 1939 match his actions since in the speech he promised people to fight for peace stating that they should not fear anything. He was able to do this through his courage and love for unity.
The recent Us leadership to some extent we can say it borrows and has stayed with the idea of “fundamental moralities” as mentioned by FDR in his speech, on the other hand, it does not(Hastings). For instance, the actions of the leaders have promoted peace and growth of economy making the country one of the nations with the best economy. However, some of the issues such as equality remain a great challenge that is yet to be eliminated. Escalation of the war can be blamed on those nations who didn’t want it to end. Some of the leaders in these countries did nothing to stop the war and were never concerned about peace. These nations fought on the lines of force and threats making the war to escalate.
The Americans view war as a destructive and evil…

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