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Behind Closed Doors
Behind Closed Doors is a book review on the issue of church and religion and the impact it has on the social life of people. The author helps the reader to understand the actual cognitive thinking of individuals and select groups who have strong beliefs in Christianity. Ngaire Thomas, who is the author of the book was born at a period when churches were very strict on their beliefs, and this gave her a strong background to makeer arguments.
The book is rather compelling in the manner in which issues are presented. The book begins with Ngaire’s Childhood. Due to her religious orientation, she did not have a normal child life as the church demanded more than she could handle. She is much affiliated to school as it is the only place she can be real self. At home, worldly things are forbidden by the parents, and life revolves around the Bible.
The story becomes twisted when Ngaire’s is forced to admit that she has committed fornication with her cousin. This act changes her view of the no-compromise church era. The issues further escalate when she meets her future husband in the 1960s. During this period, the church rules are more tightened such that even members of the church are not allowed to eat and drink with outsiders. She is also forced to limit her conversion with husband to 10%. She describes the church in this period as total madness.
Later, Ngaire and her family are withdrawn…

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