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Review Cowspiracy Documentary

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The Cowspiracy is a documentary that highlights the environmental impacts associated with animal agriculture. According to the documentary, animal agriculture has had great global demands because of people’s consumption of meat which is part of many people’s diet. However, animal production through agriculture is responsible for 18% of the global greenhouse gas emission which is more than what is produced by the transport system. These figures are quite alarming, and the documentary is aimed at developing a change in the society through providing information about how animal production bears great negative implications on the environment (Andersen, & Kuhn, 2014).
The documentary is based on the argument that the global demands for meat products from animals are very high and as a result, people are dedicating large tracts of land for the production of animals. It is for this reason that animal agriculture is responsible for unsustainable water consumption and pollution, deforestation and responsible for the emission of great amounts of methane which is a highly potent greenhouse gas. The activities surrounding animal agriculture causes the destruction of forests which leads to loss of habitats, the extinction of species, erosion and soil degradation and many other environmental problems (Andersen, & Kuhn, 2014).
Despite the great explanations about animal agriculture, the documentary is affected greatly by…

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