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The aim of this write-up is to explore the interplaying relationship behind the ideologues and practices of the use of marijuana with the discipline of martial arts and how they evolved through the course of centuries to yield the abuse of marijuana within the art as a gradually strengthened and acceptable societal norm due to the overvaluation of its nurturing and remedial effects that has successfully tainted the core values of an age-old tradition of combat, self-denial, and enlightenment; attributable to corruption, ignorance and desire for monetary gains under the guise of freedom and liberty. The literature comprises of 4 sections, initiated through a comprehensive analysis of the societal conceptuality surrounding the interrelationship between marijuana and martial arts. Afterward, the chronology and ideology of their relationship are determined to be further evaluated on the conveyance of legalization. The research is concluded on the notion of enacting policy and capacity building constructs that induce morality and moderation in behaviors (i.e. martial arts) and practices (i.e. marijuana) that have deviated from their original purpose.
Marijuana and Martial Arts
The philosophy behind Martial Arts has been perceived inversely across cultures and societies, ranging from the recreationally conducted capacity building sessions of the youth in dojos, dispersed across the concrete jungle of the 21st c…

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