Revenge of the Electric Car

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Revenge of the Electric Car

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Revenge the Electric Car
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The challenges of creating an electric car in a petroleum-based market and the changes that are happening as a result
Learning Goals:
Identify the stakeholders in the development of green transportation technologies.
It is mainly the automobile manufacturers who are the stakeholders, with consumers and the government forming a faire percentage.
Identify the challenges of changing our transportation paradigm –cars run on gasoline and we depend on the oil industry to keep society running.
There are short term and long term challenges. The former contributes to fuel efficiency and vehicle emission controls in small increments. The latter plans on transforming fossil based energy to renewable energy.
Identify and discuss reasons behind stakeholders’ interest in developing EVs –why are they interested in building EVs and what reasons underlie this interest?
EVs or electric vehicles, in the form of cars and other transport vehicles, are run by an electric motor and not gasoline or petrol, as is the norm. EVs are more mobile and speedier, and do not create the thick environmental pollution which has resulted in global warming, through carbon and gas emission. Hence the stakeholders have a huge vested interest in developing this automobile.
Identify and describe the roles of each of the stakeholders in promoting a environmentally sustainable form of transportation.
The main stakeholders are the automobile…

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