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Research Proposal
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Research Proposal
Problem statement
Providing care to patients with mental health issues, impose serious challenges in care providers all across the globe. These individuals may be prone to self-harm (for example, patients suffering from major depressive disorder), accidental harm (for example accidental falls in dementia patients) or incidental harm (resisting therapeutic interventions). Such harms may cause negative health care outcomes in patients. Therefore, patients are restrained from such actions through mechanical and physical barriers. It is possible that these patients may suffer from increased aggression and depression that may jeopardize their health outcomes.
Significance of this problem in Nursing Care
Nurses are challenged with diverse health care needs across patients. Therefore, they not only ensure effective delivery of therapeutic recommendations but also ensure the safety of patients. Understanding the complex needs of such patients through a patient-centric approach itself impose challenges. Moreover, if patients are restrained they can exhibit aggression towards nursing personnel that may erode the safety of the patient and the staff nurse.
Rationale for Research
It is important to understand the dynamics of managing patients with complex mental health needs. Safety is one of the greatest concerns in such patients and they must be prevented from such action…

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