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Perspective 1
In regards to the conclusions of the study, I agree with the inferences made. Basing my argument on the final statistics of the research, the difference in the use of hormone therapy solely to treat cancer and the use of both hormone and chemotherapy was about 1% (Mori & Nagao, 2014). Statistically, 1% is considered insignificant. I am of the opinion that the two forms of therapy are better if they are both used to treat cancer. Also, a study by Ryutaro Mori and Yasuko Nagao whose aim was to determine chemotherapy’s efficacy following the use of hormone therapy for breast cancer treatment validates my opinion. The study concluded that the chemotherapy efficiency for breast cancer treatment could not be determined from the prior efficacy of hormone therapy. The researchers recommended that the two types of therapies are given when necessary. In summary, for the most effective cancer treatment, especially in early-stage cancer treatment, the use of both chemotherapy and hormone therapy is recommended.
Perspective 2
In nature, the healthy, fit and more adapted individuals or organisms always survive. Adaptation to the new surrounding relies on evolution which enables gaining of the desired characteristics. In regards to the evolution prowess of the trout fish, I agree that they achieved their desired characteristics within a short period. In support of the fast adaptation process, Theodore Garl…

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