Response to Samuel Johnson Perspective

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Response to Samuel Johnson Perspective

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Response to Samuel Johnson Perspective
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Epic poetry is mainly intended to teach some important truths to humans through pleasing precepts, and relate some of the great events in the most affecting way. Milton has been portrayed to be illustrates and establishes moral in his poetry, which is essential and intrinsic (Lewalski, 2014). From Samuel Johnson’s perspective, Milton’s purpose of writing epic poetry seems to have been most arduous and useful. It is evident that great actions are hastened by those people with an elevated dignity (Herman, 2016). Michael has been showcased as someone who is quite crafty and always observant to dignity as part of his nature.
Adam and Eve were innocent beings whose sentiments were full of innocence. There love is portrayed to have been of mutual venerations and pure benevolence; they had repasts that had no luxury; and they were full of diligence with no toil (Greenblatt, 2013). They addressed their maker with a voice that was full of gratitude and admiration. Their innocence made them fear nothing. However, the guilt that grew in them promoted distrust and discord thus resulted to mutual accusations and self-defense (Greenblatt, 2013). They began regarding each other with estranged thoughts, and they feared God as the nemesis of their misdemeanor. At the end, they seek shelter in God’s mercy and repented their sins, a clear indication that Adam’s preeminence was diligently con…

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