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Response Task 2

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Gender Role
Women marginalization is a widespread issue in our society where cultural and traditional factors justify women’s role and position in the society. In the film, “The World Before Her” explores two different worlds experienced by two Hindu girls; one with the ambition of being a beauty pageant while the other is held captive of her culture and traditional beliefs.
The documentary captures a realistic experience of modern Hindu girls with an ambition of defying all odds and obstacle to achieve her dreams. The modern Hindu girls are held in a conservative world where they are unable to explore their abilities to the maximum (Nisha 1). The film helps to understand the challenges modern women experience with respect to their culture, religion, and beliefs. Whereby, the modern Hindu girl seeks freedom from a patriarchal society.
The two women play different roles in exemplifying the state of gender roles women play in the Indian society. Ruhi Singh aspires to become Miss India taking a different path in defining the gender role of women. Her position exposes an Indian girl with the freedom of self-expression, educative and empowered. On the other hand, Durga Vahini is positioned as a conservative woman who holds strong Hindu values. Vahini represents a side of gender role that is conservative to the Hindu traditions and beliefs.
The two girls represent different roles and perspectives of women in th…

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