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Respond Differents Questions

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Response to Different Questions
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Response to Different Questions
Question 1
People who have chosen different wants are likely to have different connotative meaning. The fact that people attach meaning to a word based on their experience and emotional reactions, including judgment that they link to the word causes such differences. In the many cases, people associate words with their knowledge and emotional responses they had before (DeVito, 2017). For instance, “childish” is one of the words that always have connotative meaning to different people. To some people, the word means a person who is not yet mature while others link the word with being lively and energetic. Therefore, personal experience and emotional reactions significantly influence how people understand the connotative meaning of different phrases or words. Hence, different connotative meanings of the same world are one of the main reasons why people have misunderstanding and conflict when communicating with one another. For the conflict to be reduced, it is essential to accept that connotative meaning differs from one individual to another (DeVito, 2017).
Question 2
A monologic communication is a situation where only one person is speaking while the rest are listening. Besides, the communication lacks active interaction between participants mainly because the communication is one directional (DeVito, 2017). In many cases, monologic communicators are insensi…

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