Resolving a moral dilemma

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Resolving a moral dilemma

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Resolving a moral dilemma
A man named Joe works for a pharmaceutical company. Joe is a Christian and goes to church every Sunday. Alex is a colleague and a friend. They have both worked in the company for about ten years. They both work as sales agents of the company and therefore deliver products to customers wherever they may be. However, Alex has been stealing samples and selling them to make an extra income. The immoral behavior has come to the attention of Joe. Joe does not know what to do since Alex is a close friend. If he decides to report him to the management, Alex will lose his job, and the friendship would end. If Joe chooses not to say this behavior, the company will come to know in the end, and the two would be linked to the crime since they are friends who work in the same position. What should Joe do?
Describe the facts
I would state the facts of the dilemma to be in a position to choose the course of action that would seem more beneficial. In this case, Alex is a person who benefits himself from stealing from the company in spite of the fact that he is paid a salary at the end of the month. The company is unaware of the employee’s behavior. Joe is a Christian. Alex and Joe work in the same position in the company. They are both sales agents.
List relevant moral principles and sentiments
As a Christian, Joe is expected to adhere to his faith and …

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