Resolve Conflict

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Resolve Conflict

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Resolve Conflict
Resolve Conflict
This research focuses on the general conflict resolution methods and their effectiveness. It involves mediation, negotiation, and maintenance of peace in the multicultural environment, especially in the business environment. It examines the role of mediation and other conflict solving mechanisms with the help of the established (Olekalns, 1997). Among the significant causes of conflict in most society is the division process of resources in the environment. The established general frame for general conflict resolutions is the identification of the source of conflict and identifying the possible solutions.
The dominant idea in this article is that the conflict resolution which requires a zero ground level for both the conflicting sides. In this case, the approach given should be based on the Disputant experiences in the conflict resolution approach (Olekalns, 1997). This approach requires that both the opposing parties to release their tension and identify the source of conflict. This will help them to have sober minds in presenting their problems. Another dominant idea in the article is the reinforcement and compensatory systems. In this case, both the superior side and inferior side must be placed at the same level for the solutions to be found.
The minority perspective side of the article that is seen under conflict solving steps is the win-loss formula. In this case, they view the conflicts as one side op…

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