Research Report on enclosed Willer & Cupach

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Research Report on enclosed Willer & Cupach

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Research Report
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This paper constitutes a research report on a study by Erin K. Willer and William R. Cupach titled ‘When “sugar and spice” turn to “fire and ice”: Factors affecting the adverse consequences of relational aggression among adolescent girls.’ In their study, Willer and Cupach explored issues influencing the relative detriment of sensibly destructive deeds among girls of adolescent age. The researchers encompassed a hundred and twenty-seven girls in the survey. The purpose of the participants who were high school students was to describe events where they were hurt by other apprentices. They also described the extent to which these hurtful acts threatened their happiness and resulted in negative feelings. The findings confirmed the hypothesis that upsetting actions perpetrated by students who were more famous than the victims had more effects than those associated with committers with less or equal popularity to the targets. The report presents the purpose of the study, pertinent hypotheses, findings and the relevance of the study results. The study purposed to investigate the elements influencing the relative harm attributable to relationally aggressive behavior or actions among female adolescents.
Keywords: Study, hypotheses, findings, results.

Research Report
Willer, E. K., & Cupach, W. R. (2008). When “sugar and spice” turn to “fire and ice”: Factors affecting the adver…

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